The simple fact is this: crises happen.

It is how every member of your organization responds, both immediately and in the long term, which will determine how your organization recovers, survives, and thrives.

Planning, preparation, and training are an invaluable investment in the safety, security, and survival of your organization and its people. A crisis event does not have to mean the end of your organization.

Security Analyses and Reviews

Security Systems
Information security
Systems integrity
Physical security
Access controls
Workplace design
Life safety equipment
Threat assessment
Vulnerabilities identification
Risk mitigation
Protection systems


Incident response training
Active shooter and workplace violence training
Crisis management and response training
Crisis and incident communications training


Active shooter and workplace violence plans
Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans
Crisis and incident management

Response and communications planning

Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Checklist

Click here for the KCA organization checklist for preparedness